"Really talented in what they do and I'd recommend to anyone looking for videographers for their event!"

Nicole Lunario - Bride

Nicole and Paolos Wedding 15-09-2020

Nicole and Paolos Wedding 15-09-2020

Why Us?

Numbers: We are a two man crew, so we will not ever miss a special moment. We partner with other talented videographers, so can bring in extra people if we feel that it will be necessary.


Quality: We use high quality cameras and broadcast standard audio equipment, so watching your highlights will feel like you are reliving the moment.

Energy: We are completely committed to every couple we meet and work with. Therefore, we will put in ample energy into the whole day to keep capturing the best shots for as many hours as needed.

Passion: We have filmed many projects together for over 5 years, so we have lots of experience filming in a consistent style to match each other, so that your highlights flow seamlessly. We enjoy striving to create better content every time. 

Versatility: It's your special day and your video should be just as personalised. This is why we spend as much time before the shoot planning exactly what you want, so that you receive the video that you desire.

Speed: We know how excited that you are to watch over the best day of your life, so we make sure that you have the first draft within two weeks of your wedding.


Below, are our set of wedding packages. If you would like something that is not included, please contact us and we are happy to tailor our services to your needs.



The Full Package!

Includes everything in silver plus:

- 20-40 minute length wedding film

- Full length speeches and ceremony



Includes everything in bronze plus:

- Shots of bride and groom preparing before ceremony

- Full length first dance video(s)




- A 1 minute teaser

- A 5 minute highlights video

Our Process


Your wedding has many moving parts and we want to make sure we can capture everything possible as smoothly as possible.

Therefore, we like to do a few things in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Meet you both

This is our chance to get to know each other and discuss the layout of your video, your location, and exactly what you want.

See the ceremony and reception venues.

Every space has its character and quirks, so we like to see the location to figure out: exactly how we will get the best shots; how we will supply power to equipment; and of course the dreaded parking!


The big day has arrived after months and months of planning!

We don't get in the way at all, so you, your family and friends can enjoy the occasion!

(As per GOLD package)


We like to do this as early as possible, because it gives us the plenty of time to ensure a smooth day.

Set up equipment in ceremony venue (30 minutes)

Film prep shots

When ready, proceed to the bride and groom's rooms respectively to film their preparation shots. (10-20 minutes)


We use a handheld microphone for the bride and groom to capture every word in the best quality possible. If the venue has a sound system, we can route the sound to those speakers for the sake of the audience as well.

Our favourite wedding videos include lines from personalised vows. So if you have those, then wonderful! But don't stress if you aren't planning on them, a wonderful video will come out none the less.


Assuming your reception is located at the same venue, then it is an easy job for us to move over equipment, and pack away what we do not need.

If your reception is located at a different venue, then we will try to stay ahead of most of your friends and family and get setup as soon as possible.

Depending on the venue we may set up some lighting to improve the look of the footage.

First Dance

We like to capture the full performance of your first dance as  a video in itself for you to receive



If your photographer takes you both away for some couple's shots we like to tag along and capture some of the poses the photographer has you in. 


We pride ourselves in our ability to turn around our videos with impressive speed and quality. In most cases we can have your special day's memories right back with you in just a couple of weeks. Enough time for you to enjoy your honeymoon! 

We deliver all videos via download link such as